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Wood Masters (FIWM)

We take great pride in serving our community and the entire North American market with premium quality solid wood doors. First Impression Wood Masters (FIWM) is a subsidiary of its parent company, Woodcraft Doors and Moldings. We call ourselves the Wood Masters for good reason. We manufacture solid exterior and interior wooden doors for both homes and offices. You can either select from a range of our pre-designed famous wooden doors or you can customize them according to your personal preferences. We provide our customers with superior doors at great prices.

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Features and Benefits

  • Premium grade solid hardwood
  • 2 1/4" door thickness
  • Precise mortise and tenon machined joints ensures stress relief avoiding cracking, warping, and parting over time
  • Our (patent pending) panel construction method, using a Russian plywood core allows wood panels to shrink and expand, without cracking or splitting
  • Door frame held together with PVA glue and 1/2" steel bolts
  • Made to withstand extreme sub-zero temperatures
  • Made to last the lifetime of your home or building
  • Doors will continue to look better as patina ages over time
  • Final finish is three top coats of durable UV cured exterior lacquer
  • Shipped in a completely enclosed wooden crate to avoid damages, delays, and disappointments
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, just place into your rough opening, fasten, secure, and enjoy

Current Colors Chart

We provide solid wood doors in 2 main color options: Opaque and Transparent. We have 7 opaque colors to choose from and 8 transparent colors to choose from. We can also provide custom color options of your choosing. Simply let us know what color you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen.


Exterior Doors Configuration Chart


Interior Passage Doors

We also offer interior passage doors. See below for more details.

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