How To Fix Common Interior Wood Door Issues

April 2, 2020

How To Fix Common Interior Wood Door Issues

Interior solid wood doors might be one of the most commonly used parts of your home. Wooden doors are known for their tremendous strength and durability. They can easily last up to several decades when properly maintained. It doesn’t matter how good quality interior wood doors you’ve got at your home, depending on the daily usage, they almost always experience some common problems that need to be addressed right away.

Interior wooden passage doors are manufactured with a considerable amount of care. They are not only meant to last for generations but also resist even the harshest of the uses at the hands of typical households. Still, over time, people notice some complications with internal wood doors, so that’s why we want to present to you the most common interior wood door issues and how you can fix them.

Loose Door Hinges

When your door is not opening and closing correctly, or you hear those rattling noises whenever you use your internal wood door, it’s a sign that the door hinges are loose. Since interior doors are used frequently, those annoying door sounds could create severe unrest among some of your family members.

Fortunately for loose hinges, you won’t require any expert help to tighten them up. In case the noise persists after you’ve tightened all the door hinges, apply oil or a solution of soaps on hinges for a fast remedy.

Inappropriate Door Fastening

When you’re not able to latch your internal wood door properly, it could be due to misaligned or loose door latches, or because the door itself is not positioned to hit the strike plate in the right place.

Take out all screws from the strike plate, and observe the spot where the latch and strike plates join together. This way, you’ll come to know whether you should move the plate further up or down. After you know about the exact point of contact, fasten the strike plate back into the right place.

Sticking Door

Sometimes doors don’t open or close properly. Sometimes they “stick”. The sticking of interior solid wood doors is one of the most frequent door issues experienced by average households. The problem mainly arises due to the accumulation of grime and debris inside door hinges.

If you clean your door regularly, but the door still sticks, it may be because of some problem with the door jamb. You can eliminate this issue by squeezing the door frame to the jamb with a long screw into the door frame and latch. It will help in freeing up space resulting in less door sticking.

Door Hitting The Wall

The door hitting the wall continuously is one of the most frustrating interior door issues faced by many households. It not only leads to gradual door damage but also deterioration of the wall paint and drywall underneath. You can easily overcome this issue by installing a doorstop that is correctly fastened to the skirting board.

Doing so makes the door touch the rubber on the doorstop cap. It will also prevent the door handle from striking against the wall with force. You can also install a hinge stop into the door hinge pin so that the door doesn’t move any farther than it’s required.

Stiff Door Handles

In case you have a rim lock present on the face of your internal wood door, and the door is not opening or closing properly, then spray aerosol oil in the latch system, keyhole, and other moving elements. Twist the handle and lock system for 5 minutes to distribute the oil equally throughout the handle parts.

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