Intriguing Kitchen Ideas To Take Your Guest’s Breath Away

April 7, 2022

Intriguing Kitchen Ideas To Take Your Guest’s Breath Away

While your house’s overall design and style reflect your enthusiasm for aesthetics, your kitchen’s atmosphere gives a more personalized glimpse into your artistic taste and preferences. Thus, each aspect of your kitchen has to be pitch-perfect to depict your high artistic standards clearly. In contrast, homeowners often pay very little attention to the design and style of the furniture they purchase for their kitchen.

Even though they invest generously to ensure that the furniture is of top-notch quality, a lack of aesthetic appeal and missing coherence amongst the different furniture pieces ruins the overall aura of the kitchen. From the interior wood doors that provide an entry into your kitchen to the island design, floor material, roofing architecture, cabinet style, wall paints, and even the cutlery display area should be in line with the overall theme.

Apparently, the latter is not easy to accomplish and might even be a daunting task for many of you. The key is to let your creativity take over and plan the overall feel you want to give your kitchen. Thus, if you are contemplating a renovation or are considering constructing a new one, plan your interior decor beforehand.

However, we understand that the choice may be difficult and, at times, overwhelming. For this reason, this blog presents some of our top-tier kitchen theme ideas to give your cookhouse the majestic air it deserves.

Enticing Kitchen Ideas

Besides your bathroom, the kitchen is the first place you visit every morning. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be welcomed with a sight that provides you with a pang of pride every time you see it? Thus, knowing that you worked hard to elevate your kitchen to the intriguing and visually impressive level it is will always make you feel rewarded.

The below-mentioned ideas may help you along the way:

1. Snow-White Beauty

The colour white has always enjoyed immense resemblance to perfection, tranquility, and magnificence in every era. Well, the colour’s elegance can not be denied in the current era either. From the White House to the famous fairy-tale and even a bride’s wedding dress, white manifests itself in almost every aspect of our lifestyle.

In this regard, it would be unfair not to mention some homeowners’ obsession with the ‘all-white’ or ‘off-white’ apparent from every inch of their house including their wall paint, the house’s furniture, and even their clothing. If you are one of them, then our first idea might be all you need to give your kitchen the perfect look.

First of all, start with the door. As Edmonton’s most reliable interior and exterior door manufacturers, we would suggest you install a simple solid wood door (either painted white or off white). As for the floor, we would suggest you consider white marble tiles to meet the exquisite look. As far as the cabinets are concerned, make them white with sleek marble surfaces.

Finish off the elegance with the installation of white LED lights to brighten up the atmosphere even more. If too much white is not your type, you could use white tiles with black straps or even make the marble cabinet surfaces completely black.

2. The Dark And Domineering

As apparent from many forts and castles, dark colours are exceptionally good at relaying an elegant yet domineering aura. Even today, strong-willed people often prefer to dress all in black to complement their resolute personalities. If you are one of them, we have something for you as well.

Start off with a door constructed purely of dark wood and mimic this standard in your kitchen island’s lower part. Give the atmosphere just a bit of contrast with a soft brown wooden floor. As far as the cabinets are concerned, we would suggest you use the same dark wood for them and complement it with jet black granite surfaces and countertops.

Since everything else perfectly creates an authoritative air, why should the lighting be any different? As a finishing touch, install matte black or clear pendant lights. However, ensure that the pendants hang at varying heights to match the exalted appearance of the kitchen.

3. Play With The Paints

We know we have only explored the extreme preferences thus far. But do not worry because we also have something for people who love vibrance and some bit of colour. Give your kitchen’s walls a lighter shade of your favourite colour and complement it with a similarly painted wooden door. You could also add patterns to the wall if the sheer shade is not enough. Accordingly, keeping the floor simple white, or grey will make the walls more vivid.

Now paint the wooden cabinets and the rest of the furniture in another colour. For example, if the walls are a light purple, the rest of the furniture could be creamy white or light blue. Make the surfaces and countertops beige, and the preferred material could be Quartz. As for the lighting, golden or rose-coloured low-hanging orbs will be a great addition.

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