Tips For Keeping Your Wooden Doors Good As New For Years

January 12, 2023


You have carefully purchased a gorgeous-looking wooden door for your dream home, and now you don’t want your investment to be wasted. To save yourself some time and hard-earned money, you have to keep your door protected from degradation. Doors aren’t something you replace now and then. You want them to look excellent for years to come.

But the question is: how do you maintain your wooden doors so that they will continue to look brand new? Being top-rated wood door manufacturers, we’ll discuss some essential maintenance tips to keep your wooden doors looking great for years to come.

Clean With Cotton Cloths And Water

Whether it is an interior or exterior wood door, after some time dust and dirt will start to accumulate on it. Although this is normal, cleaning and maintaining the door regularly is necessary to prevent the pollutants from destroying the door’s finish.

The easiest way to keep your wood doors in good condition is to wipe them thoroughly twice a month with a wet cloth. If there is a lot of grime, use warm water and non-abrasive soap. After cleaning the surface, make sure to dry it well.

Avoid Using Abrasives Or Harsh Cleaners

Are you cleaning your furniture without using soap? Most of us will use a towel dampened with water and soap foam to clean our doors. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should consider the type of soap you’re using.

Strong detergents and other abrasive substances might ruin the door’s colour and surface. Check that the detergent you’re using is free of abrasives. You can use a moderate dishwashing detergent.

A sponge should be used in place of a piece of fabric. The sponge will allow for delicate cleaning.

Check The Hinges And Seals

The poor installation of your door and extra damage can occur from bad fitting or loose seals and hinges. A quick visual check will help you identify any flaws, such as worn-out hinges or seals.

For increased security and safety, worn-out hinges must be replaced. Check to see if the hinges are properly installed or if they need to be tightened. Check to see whether there are no breaks between any of the seals.

You may remove any dust accumulation around the seals by simply cleaning with a dry cloth. Make it a habit to inspect the seals and hinges of your interior wood doors every few months.

See Whether There Is Any Water Leaking

Wooden doors are susceptible to water penetration, especially exterior wooden doors. When wood is not properly maintained and cleaned, it tends to fracture and let the water soak in.

If there is too much moisture, it can get even worse and the wood can potentially decay. If this happens, remove the rot with a chisel and fill the hole in with filler. Sand the wood and apply a finish when it has dried.

However, if you have not worked with wood, it is better to hire a professional to do the job, as there is a high chance you will end up damaging the door even more.

Recoat For A New Finish

There are many different types of wood finishes to select from if the finish on your door has peeled off. Nevertheless, it’s essential to keep consistency, so if the original finish was oil-based, use that same finish for the renovation.

If you are unsure or just want to try a different finish this time, simply sand the wood and completely scrape off the previous finish before putting on a fresh coat.

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Ensure That The Handles And Locks Are Functioning Properly

Over time, handles and locks frequently experience the effects of wear, leading to poor locking systems. Make it a habit to check the operation of all your doors, knobs, and locks every six months. To test the door handle, gently slide it back and forth as you normally would to see if the locking mechanism is working smoothly.

Warning signals such as creaks and squeaks should not be ignored. If you see any symptoms of repair or poor functionality, consult a professional and change the locks and handles.

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