Why First Impression Wood Masters Recommend Wooden Doors

November 22, 2019

Why First Impression Wood Masters Recommend Wooden Doors

Doors are a symbolizing opportunity in so many ways, they can be an entrance to a better place or an exit from a not so good one. Doors also provide a wide array of utility-based functions. In fact, a building cannot be complete if there is no door. Different buildings demand different types of doors for use in them. This is where the significance of any door is more clarified and acknowledged by its users.

First Impression Wood Masters believes that doors are special in terms of their worldly and practical usage and even for their symbolic meaning and presentation in social and historical context.

This blog is dedicated to informing you about the many benefits which come with solid wooden doors. Wood is an ancient development and construction material that we have been using since the beginning of time itself. Although, there are many new materials that can fulfill similar functions when used in construction. Wood being a naturally found material holds a very versatile usage and consumption ability. It can be reduced, reused and recycled with ease and has a very long useful life.

The following are some strong points on why solid wooden doors are a better choice rather than choosing another material for your doors:

Easy to Customize

Wood is one of the most simple raw materials found in our world. What is even better is that it is very easy to customize it for the specific reasons we need to use it. Wood has been handcrafted from the very early stages of human development. Today, we have dedicated and complex machines that process the wood in every way we can think of. Cutting it, slicing it, constructing it all can be done in much more ease if we compare it with materials like metal or even industrial-grade plastics known as fiber-glass. Wood is the best material if you need to get an economic solid door that will last for decades.

Variety and Versatility

Wood is perhaps almost a natural phenomenon since there are hundreds of types of wood all found in a natural state and needing very little processing to be used as a final product. From solid dark oakwood to naturally fragrant sandalwood. Every piece of wood used in any industrial function has unique attributes and versatility attached to it. This wide and deep variety in the wood itself should be reason enough for you to customize your main door which can complete the presentation of your home or office.

Durability and Strength

Doors can be heavy and light, they can be built on the basis for their need. In most of the ancient monumental buildings and structures, archeologists have found wood to be the main material used for doors. May it be the ancient Egypt or the mighty Roman empire, unique and highly customized wooden doors are part of our global history. Why should we change the traditions of our ancestors by choosing something less?

High Fire Ratings

Consumers often get confused into thinking that wooden doors can be risky in a time of a fire hazard. Even though the wood is used for creating and sustaining a fire. The modern wooden doors are created to be fire-resistant. They are processed at the industrial level to become fire-resistant and actually help in controlling fire hazards when commercial and industrial wooden doors are installed in any building. Wooden doors are chemically treated to withstand heavy smoke and fire and they are laminated to keep looking naturally pleasant all the time.

Noise Reduction

Heavy wooden doors do not conduct sound that easily. Even the hollow or light-weight wooden doors can reduce noise reduction in a busy and noisy atmosphere. Many executive offices still prefer wooden doors on their premises as they hush the noise down and still look naturally elegant to the staff.

Energy Efficiency (Low Carbon Footprint)

Wood is a natural raw material, it does not require massive amounts of fossil fuels to be burnt for extraction, processing or usability. Wood is sourced from trees, and the demand for wood is catered by afforestation which means growing trees for commercial usage. In this respect, as the global raw development and construction material wood is the most energy-efficient and leaves the lowest carbon footprint when used at mass levels.

Natural Aesthetic Appeal

Wood is natural and therefore its appearance is also highly pleasing. It doesn’t matter where the wooden door is being installed it will look nice. However, if the door is uniquely designed and made from premium quality wood its utility and value are increased by many folds. There are old wooden doors found around the world, that are now considered to be pieces of art by modern artists only because of the natural aesthetic appeal and appearance of those ancient doors.

At First Impression Wood Masters, we are specialist wood craftsmen, we are well aware of the features and usability of quality wood. We have been serving Edmonton for almost 20 years and continue to do so by manufacturing and delivering premium quality interior and exterior wooden doors customized specifically for you. Visit our website to build your own door or call us to get a free quote today.

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