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Glass types are not available for interior doors!

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  • arctic-glass

    Arctic Glass

  • crossreed-glass

    Cross Reed Glass

  • gluechip-glass

    Glue Chip Glass

  • pinhead-glass

    Pinhead Glass

  • rain-glass

    Rain Glass

  • satin-etch-glass

    Satin Etched Glass

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Please choose your door color

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike our exterior entry doors, our interior passage doors are offered unfinished only. Most of our customers prefer to have their on-site painters or finishers look after finishing. If you would like us to handle the finishing of your door, please select a color below. Otherwise, please select "Unfinished".

  • Formal-Affair

    Formal Affair

  • Port-Of-Call

    Port Of Call

  • Burnt-Umber

    Burnt Umber

  • Amazon-Rain-Forest

    Amazon Rain Forest

  • Baton-Rouge

    Baton Rouge

  • Summer-Blossom

    Summer Blossom

  • Arctic-White

    Arctic White

  • Coffee-Bean

    Coffee Bean

  • Old-English-Pub

    Old English Pub

  • Royal-Parlor

    Royal Parlor

  • Zerubia-Chestnut

    Zerubia Chestnut

  • Autumn-Sunset

    Autumn Sunset

  • Driftwood


  • Natural-Clear-Alder

    Natural Clear Alder

  • Natural-Knotty-Alder

    Natural Knotty Alder

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