Damages Caused To Wooden Doors Over Time

January 22, 2020

Damages Caused To Wooden Doors Over Time

The first layer of protection on your interior and exterior wooden doors is their finish. The finish is the lacquer coating or the varnish that is applied over the paint coating to keep the paint and the wood beneath it safe from various threats. When the finish of your wooden door is degraded, your door will be exposed to all sorts of problems and dangers. This is why you must understand what threats your wooden doors are exposed to most of the time on a daily basis. This brief blog post is focused on informing you about the basic things that damage your wooden doors over time.

Extreme Temperatures

The most dangerous element that continuously causes damage to wooden doors is extreme weather or temperatures. Wood is directly affected by too high or too low temperatures. In fact, your wooden doors often expand or contract as the temperature around them changes. This is why extreme temperatures are a significant threat to your wood doors. Your interior wooden doors in this way are safer if we compare them with your exterior wooden doors. The reason is that your external doors are more exposed to weather conditions and receive more damage throughout the day and night.


The second most significant threat to your wooden doors is the presence of too much moisture. Moisture is absorbed very quickly by wooden doors if their finish is weakened. Wooden doors not only get heavy, which affects their overall functionality, but their heavyweight weakens the hinges over time as well. Moisture and humidity both act in the same way, especially if you live in areas where there is excessive rain or snow, as it will increase the moisture in the air, which will increase the damage to your wooden doors.

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Sunlight may not be such a significant threat if your wooden doors are safe under the shade. However, if they have no shade, then the ultra-violet rays from the consistent sunlight will deteriorate the finishing of your doors over time. Once the finish comes off from the wooden doors, their susceptibility to other dangers is reduced to alarming levels. Sunlight will peel the paint off your doors, and it will leave your wooden doors completely dry. When the wooden doors get dried up, they start making those scary creaking sounds, which are too much of a nuisance even if you don’t get scared that quickly.


Similar to the direct sunlight, wind also affects your wooden doors. Especially if the wind is hot and dry, this will profoundly damage the finish of your wooden door and will cause the doors to get dehydrated very quickly. If you live in an area that has high-speed winds, these winds will scratch away the finishing off your doors and they can carry particles of dust and dirt.

Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt are everywhere, especially if you’re living in a developing city where construction and development work is common. These dirt particles are carried by the wind and forced on to the wooden doors which leave scratches on the doors. As time passes on, these scratches become more prominent, and doors are damaged permanently.


Apart from the fundamental reasons for the deterioration of your wooden doors, many issues can occur depending upon how you use your wood doors. Although wooden doors are the most sturdy and durable, they need to be taken care of regularly for increased performance and quality.

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