Top 4 Entry Exterior Door Materials

November 25, 2022


There is no doubt about the fact that the exterior entry doors of any house or commercial building are one of the most important parts. They provide an overall look to the house and represent the lifestyle and personality of the people living there.

If you want to add some attractive character and flavour to your house, you should rely on professional exterior door manufacturers to design and install the best exterior door as per your requirements.

Nevertheless, choosing the right type of exterior door can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the different types of materials used in exterior doors so that you can make a smart decision easily and confidently.

Choosing The Best Exterior Entry Door

Different types of exterior entry doors, such as fiberglass, wood, and wrought iron, provide varying benefits to meet your requirements. When you are searching for a suitable material to choose for the exterior door, it is important to consider your requirements, customization options, and the frequency of maintenance.

For instance, entry doors made of wood require a bit more maintenance than doors made of wrought iron. You might have to occasionally repaint a wood entry door to repair the damage caused by excessive moisture.

Choosing a suitable exterior entry door is important as it enhances the appearance of your house and provides reliable performance. Whether you are looking for an entry door for your new house or want to get your old one replaced, you should make this decision after thorough research and with the help of professionals.

The following are some of the types of materials used to create attractive exterior doors:

1. Wood

Using wood to create exterior doors is a highly popular choice among most homeowners. It is possible to get your wood doors customized in various shapes, styles, and sizes. As a result, clients are able to get a door as per their requirements.

Moreover, the beauty of wood exterior doors can be greatly enhanced by using sidelights or decorative glass panels. You can also add some paint for a nice door finishing. Adding a stain will also allow you to highlight the natural texture of the wood.

Two main advantages of using wood to make exterior doors are that it offers customization options and has great durability. However, you should know that front doors made from wood are highly susceptible to moisture, and can be quite expensive as well.

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2. Wrought Iron

Installing exterior doors made of wrought iron is a quick and easy way of enhancing the uniqueness and style of your home. Such entry doors have luxurious patterns and high-quality finishes.

A wrought iron entry door can not only enhance the aesthetic of your home but also significantly increases the security of your home. It protects the door from extreme weather conditions. Wrought iron is also resistant to fire, so it provides an extra layer of safety and security.

If you would like to have a wrought iron entry door installed in your home, check out our collection of exterior entry doors to get the best door to suit your needs and increase the appeal of your property.

3. Glass

Using glass exterior doors is quite common in commercial buildings and offices. However, the trend of installing exterior doors made from glass is also becoming popular among homeowners. It is suitable for people who love natural light. Another important benefit of glass entry doors is that they are long-lasting. You will not see any significant dents or scratches on them for a long period. They are also not vulnerable to rust.A combination of wooden and fiberglass frameworks is also a reliable option to add extra appeal and a layer of sophistication to the entry area of your home.

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is another reliable material for creating exterior entry doors. It provides safety, durability, and functionality. Generally, the visual appeal of entry doors made from fiberglass is the same as wooden doors, but a huge benefit of fiberglass is that they are not vulnerable to rotting.

Nevertheless, ageing will be visible in fiberglass doors after some time as you will start seeing minor cracks and dents. Compared to wood and steel doors, fiberglass is significantly lighter and much more durable as it has limited vulnerability to warping and moisture.

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