How To Maintain Exterior Wooden Doors In Winter

January 7, 2020

How To Maintain Exterior Wooden Doors In Winter

While nothing can match the classical appearance and feel of a wooden door, you need to follow a simple and easy maintenance plan to keep your wooden doors in great condition. If you already have an exterior wooden door installed or you’re planning to install a wooden door, this blog post will help you maintain your exterior wooden doors in winter.

Before we discuss wooden door maintenance tips, it’s important to mention that wood is the best material if you want your exterior doors to be durable and have a truly satisfying feel. By using the right maintenance tips, you can extend the service life of your wooden doors.

The importance of maintenance increases in winter when ice and moisture can have a negative impact on your exterior doors. From warping to swelling and drafts, winter makes wooden elements experience several issues.

After all the time and money you put into selecting ideal exterior wooden doors for your house, you definitely want your doors to stay firm and look great for years to come. To protect your investment, here are some valuable tips for maintaining your exterior doors in winter:

Clean Your Exterior Doors Frequently

How often you need to clean your doors depends on several factors: weather, traffic, etc. If you live in a city like Edmonton which experiences severe weather in winter, you might need to clean your doors more often. However, in normal conditions, it’s enough to clean an exterior door once a month. So, you can adjust the cleaning frequency depending on weather intensity and traffic.

Annual Maintenance

It’s recommended to perform an inspection and give your wooden doors due attention to maintain their integrity and appearance. Some minor door repairs can be done using DIY techniques. However, it’s important to ensure that moisture penetration is not hurting your doors.

Moisture and corrosive elements can destroy all types of doors quicker than any other element. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to install wooden doors due to their ability to withstand environmental factors for an extended period of time. No matter how durable your front door is, make sure to have an annual maintenance plan in place.

Polish Them

Polishing is another great technique to improve the overall condition of your exterior wooden doors. You or a professional can do this by first removing all the dust with a recommended cleaner and then apply premium quality polish with a rag. Make sure to end the polishing process with perfect finishing. Fix rough texture, cracks, or raised wood grains before applying the polish.

Check Weatherstripping Once A Year

If you want your house to be warm and comfortable in winter, evaluate the condition of exterior doors weatherstripping in the fall. You need your exterior doors to be firmly sealed so that you can avoid heat leaks. Since weatherstripping deteriorates over time and shows signs of wear, check and fix it once a year. Also, you should consider removing door screens before winter to protect them from bad weather.

Install Solid Wood Doors

If you’re planning to replace your exterior doors, replace them with premium solid wood doors. First Impression Wood Masters has been manufacturing both ready-made and customizable exterior doors built to withstand the test of time. Visit our website to learn more about our products!

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