Top Interior Wooden Door Design Trends In 2022

February 10, 2022

Top Interior Wooden Door Design Trends In 2022

With every passing year, the designs and trends of houses, cars, and clothes evolve. The same is the case with wooden doors; their designs have enhanced and evolved over the years. Every year, the design trends shift, from new colours and shapes to varying width and height specifications.

These designs are significantly impacted by whatever is going on in the world. The designs that cater to human sentiments and attitudes airing at a particular time become popular among the masses. Regardless of the case, you can not deny the reality that interior wooden doors are an integral part of your house. They not only provide you with privacy but also make or break the image of your home in the eyes of your visitors.

So, if you want to keep your house up to date, then you will need to revamp your house with the latest trends and designs of wooden interior doors.

Apart from being trendy, there are many other benefits of wooden doors. Out of all the advantages, the biggest one is that these doors are environmentally friendly for homeowners.

However, these door designs keep changing with every passing year, so you need to keep yourself updated with all the latest trends and designs. After the two-year haul of covid, we are sure that we will see a new era of wooden interior doors in 2022.

In this blog post, we will outline some of the latest trends and designs of interior wooden doors you should watch out for in 2022.

Solid Wood Doors

Solid wooden doors have always been around regardless of the latest trends and designs of interior wooden doors. That is, these types of doors are evergreen, hence they have not lost their charm in the crazes and designs of the year 2022.

These solid wooden doors add sophistication and depth to a residential building. As a result, they often boast unmatched elevated quality and can be crafted with various types of wood.

One of the biggest advantages of solid wooden doors is that they are very versatile, so they easily match with the majority of interior designs. They work exceptionally well with a lighter colour scheme and add a lot of contrast to more delicate coloured rooms.


These doors are most likely to become a popular design trend in 2022. These types of interior wooden doors give an ornate look to your house. According to your taste and liking, you can make these doors very simple or extremely detailed.

In short, you can use mouldings if you want to add a bit of texture and elegance to your wooden doors.

Warm Wood Doors

In 2022 warm wood will become increasingly popular. This is because after the two years of the cold wrath of the pandemic, now people are looking for safety, comfort and cosiness all at the same time.

Hence warm wood is becoming quite popular among people who want their spaces to give warm and relaxing vibes.

So if you want your wooden doors to create a cosy feel and add warmth to your house, you should go for warm wooden interior doors.

Rounded Shaped Doors

In 2022, hard-edged furniture and doors will lose their charm as they have become too harsh for many people’s standards. As we speak, many people are looking for softer shapes to give their doors a laid-back and casual look.

Thus rounded wooden doors perfectly match the changing needs of people as they come with a unique and prying design and the required softness.

Although these rounded wooden doors are not an entirely new design, they will become very popular among people in 2022 as individuals are shifting from rough and edged wooden door shapes to softer and rounded shaped interior wooden doors.

High Doors

People who want their house to give out an intimidating appeal and aura often go with high doors because they make the ceiling appear higher.

So if you want your interior wooden doors to make your house appear majestic and large, then you should get high interior doors for your house.

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