How Wooden Doors Are More Environmentally-Friendly For Homeowners

January 14, 2020

How Wooden Doors Are More Environmentally-Friendly For Homeowners

When selecting doors for homes, most homeowners find it difficult to choose the right material. There are several options when it comes to choosing door material: fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, wood, etc. Why should you choose a wooden door? While most people acknowledge the natural feel and strength of wooden doors and windows, it’s important to determine how wood is the right choice when it comes to environment and energy optimization.

Natural wood has regained its popularity not only in carpentry but also decorative and furniture items. The exquisite feel, robustness, and capacity to insulate against weather are some of the prime features of wooden doors. Reducing carbon footprint is now at the top of everyone’s priorities. From setting greenhouse gas targets to phasing out plastic straws from food facilities, everyone is motivated to use green products.

The materials you use to build various components of your house have a considerable impact on the environment. Builders and architects are now increasingly using wood due to its strength and positive environmental impact. Let’s explore how wooden doors have a positive impact on the environment:


Wood is globally known to be one of the most naturally renewable energy sources. Consumption of non-renewable materials can be avoided or reduced if we start using wood in construction. By any definition, wood is the most environmentally-friendly raw material we have today. Eco-conscious people favor the use of wooden doors within the sustainability limits of the forests.


A range of factors determine how long your wooden doors will last: type of wood, treatment, weather, design, location, etc. Generally speaking, wood is a highly durable and rust-free material which helps us build a variety of products. Hardwood, when properly treated and designed, can last for decades. The durability of wooden doors leads to reduced energy consumption.

Heat retention

The cellular makeup of wooden doors make it easy for households to retain heat more effectively than other materials. Since wooden doors are good at retaining heat, homeowners living in Edmonton and other cold parts of the world should consider using wooden doors to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. Adding wood to your home in the form of doors and windows will make it naturally warmer which will require you to consume less energy to warm your space.


Wooden products can be reused. While a well-maintained wooden door can last for 100+ years, recyclability is one of the prime features of wooden doors. You can easily transform your wooden door into something else.

Limited Waste

When wooden doors are manufactured, the manufacturing process involved creates little waste. Any residual chipping can be used in other applications. On top of that, the limited amount of waste produced is biodegradable, which means the material will decompose and break down back into the earth without harming the environment.

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