Tips For Choosing The Right Front Door

October 28, 2021

Tips For Choosing The Right Front Door

The first and last thing your guests see in your home is your front door, so you will want it to make a good impression. But apart from making a good impression you want your front door to keep your house warm or cool (depending on the weather), and safe. You can save up a lot of money by using energy-efficient front doors. Your home’s entry doors are often referred to as door systems because you are not just buying the door but the frame and the locking mechanism as well.

So, choosing a front door is a great responsibility because the lock mechanism and your family’s safety depend upon it. When you go to buy a front door there are plenty of options that might end up confusing you. In this blog post, we outline some tips to help you to choose the right front door for your house.


The most important thing in a front door is the material it is made up of. Front or entry doors are usually made up of four types of materials: wood, fiberglass, glass, and steel. Modern doors now combine two or more of these materials to make a front door. Front doors made up of each of these materials have their pros and cons. So make sure that you choose the material that you think is best according to the requirements of your house.

Wooden doors still remain a classic choice for a front door, as they offer the high-end look customers desire as well as strong resistance to dents and scratches. The most common types of wood used to make front doors are cherry, pine, oak, fir, walnut, maple, and mahogany. The best wooden doors are solid wood doors; they come with the finest details, more moldings and intricate carvings that make them a better choice. If you are going for a wooden front door keep in mind that they need periodic varnishing and painting to keep them in good condition. You will need to inspect a solid wood door closely once a year to identify signs of wear and tear and damage.

Doors made out of steel are the most versatile and cost-effective, they also offer excellent weather protection and security. Since steel is stronger than fiberglass and wood it will not break or crack as easily. Premium steel doors are built with high-density foam insulation and an inner steel frame. Steel doors do not necessarily need to look like steel, you can have custom steel doors laminated wood veneer, wood fiber coating, and other finishes.

Front doors made out of glass are gradually gaining popularity, they are becoming a popular material choice for residential exterior doors. They may seem like a less secure material for your front door, but modern glass safety doors have all the security measures that are necessary to keep your family safe and sound.

Front doors made out of fiberglass have become a common choice. As they are resistant to wear and tear, are available in a variety of textures, require less maintenance, and can be painted. However, if you are choosing fiberglass front doors make sure that you don’t use inexpensive fiberglass as they can crack easily under impact.


The most important aspect that you need to consider before buying a front door is security. When it comes to security no matter what material your front door is made up of steel, glass, wood, or fiberglass they all are equal when it comes to strength. The part where they fail is at the locking mechanism. Hence, when looking for a front door, find a door that has at least a one-inch long deadbolt and a reinforced metal strike plate. Doors that have lock pins are impenetrable. If you are choosing an entry door that has a window or side window make sure that it has a double certification: sledgehammer and bulletproof glass. Also, make sure that the glass is glazed to resist break-ins.

Insulation And Energy-Efficient

Front doors made from materials like fiberglass and steel offer better insulation than front doors made from wood. But the majority of heat loss in doors is often due to air leaks. So, when you are choosing a front door, pay attention to the quality of the construction of the doorframe and also make sure that the weatherstripping is sealed properly. This will make your front doors energy-efficient and will save you money in the long run.

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