Top 3 Most Secure Front Door Materials

June 23, 2022


Doors are an integral part of every residential building, a home without doors is like a cage without bars. Doors make buildings secure and safe. Hence, without them, your home is incomplete.

For most people, when it comes to installing a new front door, security is their number one priority. The majority of people will only settle for installing the most secure door available.

Similarly, if you are planning to install a new front door, only go to a certified exterior door manufacturer and get the most secure and high-quality front door from them.

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In order to find the most secure front door for your house, you will need to take into consideration a bunch of things, such as the locking system, type of window glass and, most importantly, the material of the door.

This all might seem confusing but don’t worry, in this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about front door security to help you find the most secure front door for your house.

Types Of Secure Doors

There are many materials that are used to make front doors, but here we have outlined the top 3 materials that make the most secure front doors.


Front doors made out of wood are usually the first choice of homeowners, as wooden front doors add a traditional charm to your home.

Timber front doors are also widely considered the most aesthetically pleasing doors and are also a very secure material that makes strong modern front doors.

Timber doors are often fitted with a mortice lock or yale lock, but are available with multiple locking systems. So before buying timber front doors, make sure to check the locking system the door has, and if you need some other system, get it installed by a professional door manufacturer.


Composite is the best material choice for high-security front doors. If you want highly secure front doors, go for composite front doors as they are highly durable and secure.

Single-material doors like timber and uPVC have a bunch of benefits, but composite doors maximize these benefits as they are made from several materials such as wood, insulation foam, aluminum and glass.

A high-quality composite front door will not only offer the highest level of security, but will also provide weather resistance and durability.


uPVC doors have become quite popular among homeowners as these doors are highly secure and come with a low price tag.

uPVC doors are secure as they have a highly secured multi-locking system. To lock a uPVC door, you will need to lift the handle when turning the key. This will put several locking systems in place.

However, uPVC doors tend to have a shorter lifespan than the other material as they age, their level of security can deteriorate. Hence, if your current uPVC door was installed 15 years ago, then you should consider installing a new front door to increase your homes’ security.

Best Ways To Secure Your Front Door From Inside

There are a lot of things to consider apart from the door material when looking to install the most secure front door.

Here are a few things that will make your front door fully secure:

Five Lever Mortice Deadlock

The best way to make your front door secure is by installing a five-lever mortice deadlock that can be opened with a key from both sides of the door.

Most traditional key locks can be easily opened without keys, however a mortice deadlock can’t be opened unless the key or knob is turned. In order to make your door more secure, you can add a deadbolt alongside the primary lock of your front door.

Long Hinge Screws

The further the screw used on the hinges of your door goes into the frame the more resistant your front door will be in case of a break-in attempt.

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