When Should You Replace Your Front Door?

February 7, 2020

When Should You Replace Your Front Door?

There is a difference between someone wanting to replace their front door or someone who needs to replace their door. No matter your situation, installing a new wooden door can increase your home’s value and curb appeal. If your front door has been deteriorating for years and there is no way you can repair it, get ready to replace it, especially if you’re considering selling your house.

Homeowners replace front doors for a variety of reasons. Aside from visual appearance, a front door must be effective enough to resist weathering impact. In the winter or summer, doors installed in your house or office must act like energy-efficient home components. In cities like Edmonton where winter puts everything to test, it’s important that households select the right wooden doors. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will help you determine whether or not it’s time to replace your front door:

Air Leakage

New exterior doors insulate better than old ones. It would be a good investment if you replace your old doors in order to make your home more energy-efficient and secure. It will help you lower your heating and cooling costs. If you’re looking to install doors to your newly built house, make sure to choose quality wooden doors for best results. Wood is a natural material that performs well in tough weather conditions. In case your existing front door is causing air leakage and making your heating or cooling systems work harder, replace it immediately.

Signs Of Wear

Minor issues can be easily fixed using basic door maintenance practices. However, at some point, the perpetual deterioration process weakens doors and makes them ineffective. If you feel extra energy is required to open or close your front door, it’s a sign that you need to either fix the issue or replace the door. If the weather stripping loses its integrity, your door could become unaligned with the frame. Misalignment creates gaps from where air can flow through. Masterfully built wooden doors stay intact despite harsh environmental conditions.

Mold, Moisture, Mildew

Your exterior doors are at risk of developing moisture-related issues if they haven’t been properly maintained. The broken seal between panes damages doors and windows with double-paned glass. This could result in mould and mildew development, which isn’t good for your doors. If your front door has already been going through these issues, it’s recommended to replace them.

Reached Service Life

Every component of your house has a certain service life, be it doors or the overall concrete structure. The front doors you installed many years ago might have reached their service life limits. The best solution is to get them replaced with a modern-looking, aesthetically pleasing wooden front door. Even if your old door is energy-efficient, coming home to an ugly, deteriorated door is not at all a good sight. So, it’s time to make the right decision and have it replaced.

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