Wood Helps You Improve Interior Decor

March 13, 2020

Wood Helps You Improve Interior Decor

Wood is a material that has been widely used in construction since ancient times. From the Paleolithic, it was used to create tools. Later, with improvements in techniques for cutting and carving, its use was extended to other fields, including construction. At present, the use of wood is very wide, to such an extent that we could build a house using only this material. In this post, we’ll focus on the most used types of natural wood, their characteristics, and their application in the decoration of interior doors for our home or workplace.

Basically, there are two types of woods: hardwood and softwood. Their usage will depend on the user, as wood offers never-ending customization options. For outdoor use, hardwoods and softwoods with good weather and moisture resistance will always be recommended. For interior finishes, we can use hardwood and softwood alike. Still, this information isn’t enough to make the right decision. Therefore, we’ve outlined some of the most utilized wood species for your information.


Oak is a very resistant and durable hardwood species, although it can crack in the direction of the grain and is not easy to work with. Its grain is open and rough. Over time, its hue changes from light or medium brown to a velvety gray. Nowadays it’s widely used for exterior doors, wooden floors and some furniture.


Mahogany is dark, tropical wood with an intense reddish colour and fine grain, which has a natural resistance to the woodworm. It’s also a strong wood and it’s easy to work with or customize, making it one of many woodmaster’s favourites. Currently, it’s used for floors, decorative uses, furniture, and interior elements such as doors.


Walnut is a noble wood, characterized by a wavy grain and intense chocolate brown shades. Although it’s one of the hardest woods, unlike oak it’s prone to woodworm. Today walnut is widely used for luxury panelling, furniture, cabinets, doors, ornaments and other interior elements.


The olive wood is easily recognizable by its veins, being very striking and decorative, especially as the cut approaches the root. It’s a highly resistant wood, with yellow, gray, light red or reddish tones depending on its origin. Nowadays olive wood is widely used for exotic doors and in rustic furniture.


Cherry is a very decorative wood with an appearance that varies over time. At the beginning, it presents a pinkish-brown hue and eventually darkens to a mahogany red. Although it’s hard, it’s a delicate wood and prone to woodworm. Currently, cherry is widely used in the manufacture of furniture, chairs, flooring, and coverings.


This wood has warm and clear tones and is very durable, becoming more resistant than oak when dried in processes under pressure. Currently, its use is very popular for both furniture and work surfaces and floors.

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