What Kind Of Wood Makes The Best Front Door?

August 18, 2022


When it is time to choose the wood type for your exterior door, there can be an infinite number of options to match your home’s design aesthetic, ranging from traditional to modern and even rustic. Each kind of wood has its own particular touch, warmth, and personality, with its own different grain patterns and vibrant colours.

Entrance doors should match the overall design of your home. The first step in the door selection process is to evaluate the distinct aesthetic and performance features of various wood species. Matching your external door to your interior style creates a unified design flow that provides a wonderful first impression to guests and also increases the curb appeal of your house.

The best way to decide the best material for a home’s front door is to call a certified wooden door manufacturer. To assist you in making an informed design decision, let’s look at four of the most popular wood types for a front door.

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Douglas Fir

Are you looking for a door with personality, durability, and excellent stain or paint options? To complement a variety of architectural types, Douglas fir doors may be used in practically every door style. It also provides natural beauty. Further design appeal is given by its warm colours and crisp vertical grain patterns.

A painted or stained Douglas fir door can maintain its lovely appearance and survive for decades in a variety of climates and weather conditions with adequate protection and routine care. The ability of a Douglas fir door to withstand rot and pests is well known.

Knotty Alder

Knotty Alder doors are renowned for their sturdiness, strength, and honey-coloured state. Rustic wood doors have prominent knots in the grain, which complement a rural or cottage architectural aesthetic. It frequently serves as a better option for the rarer walnut wood or in more costly furniture. It is inherently resistant to weather, making it suitable for outdoor projects or furniture.

The stunning tones of knotty alder range from light honey with peach undertones to light brown with cherry highlights. This medium-density hardwood has a delicate grain that is enhanced and made more apparent by finishing techniques like staining.


Mahogany is a popular option for many homeowners due to the interesting patterns that the wood’s reddish-brown colour and eye-catching graining create. Compared to its other competitors, such as oak, mahogany is more sturdy, durable, and strong. It is the most widely used kind of wood for doors. It has straight grains that are beautifully crimson in a variety of tones. Its durability and good paint and stain take-up make it ideal for almost any use.

This wood lends itself well to outdoor use and is quite flexible. Its texture is distinctive, and its hardness can make it difficult to work with. Depending on where it is produced, its price may be high.


This hardwood has fine grains throughout. There are two primary types: red oak, which can range in colour from light brown to pinkish red and has a pattern like swirling water, and white oak, which has a tiger stripe grain pattern with yellow rays and flecks. Oak is frequently utilized in craft projects. If properly cut, the wood is exceptionally resistant to bending and water damage.

When a light brilliant finish is used, the wood’s characteristic wavy grain really stands out. It might seem two-toned if the stain over-darkens or over-accentuates the highlights of the wood. It’s a dense, hefty wood with specks of rays and patterns that add a reflective look and individuality to your outside door. Most people are drawn to the wood species because of their tough endurance in practical applications.

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