Wooden Doors: Your Guide To Understanding Types And Styles

January 26, 2023


Wooden doors are one of the oldest and most stylish doors for interior and exterior. But many ask how they are beneficial for homeowners nowadays. They not only provide perfect functionality but also add to the artistic look of your house. They can provide important craftsmanship as well as an artistic look for people thinking to enhance the look of their house. You can get all these benefits if your wooden doors are manufactured by experienced and skilful wooden doors contractors.

Moreover, the ability of wooden doors to contract and expand depending on temperature fluctuations makes them better than synthetic doors. Their adjustment to climate change makes them natural insulators. In this blog, we shall discuss some of the types and styles of wooden doors you can use to enhance the look of your home.

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There are various types of wooden doors but they are broadly classified into two categories being interior and exterior doors.

Interior Wood Doors

Interior doors are used to enhance the interior look of your home and separate spaces for your home. There are three types of interior doors namely solid wood doors, hollow core and solid core doors.

Exterior Wood Doors

Wooden exterior doors protect your house from harsh weather conditions. Wood exterior doors enhance the overall style and look of your home. Composite wood doors and solid wood are the two main types of wooden exterior doors.

What Are Solid Wood Doors?

Solid wood doors are fully made of wood. Some solid wood doors may also contain glass or metal for decoration. A wooden door containing glass or metal is considered a solid wood door if they are made of wood besides decorations or hardware.

Different Styles Of Solid Wood Doors

Solid wood doors are made of pieces of wood crafted in various styles. The most common style of solid wooden doors are paneled doors. They are made by fitting frames of vertical rails and horizontal stiles. Louvred doors are also very common. They are made by fitting small vertical slats into horizontal stiles.

These wooden doors can be used for the interior as well as the exterior of a house. Many homeowners use solid wooden doors with beautiful designs at the entrance to give an artistic look to their houses. Although they can be used as interior doors but are not commonly used as interior doors as they can be expensive compared to other wooden doors.

Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors have an exterior surface of wood and are filled with a wood composite material. Door manufacturers consider these doors as a midway between solid wood and hollow core doors. Solid core doors are less expensive than solid wood doors and sometimes offer better soundproofing. These doors give the feel and look of solid wood doors.

Solid core doors are often heavier than solid wooden doors. They do not expand or contract based on temperature fluctuation but stay in their original shape in all types of weather conditions.

Different Styles Of Solid Core Wood

Manufacturers craft solid core doors in various styles. They may be in the form of slab doors or panelled ones; you can also get a customized design by painting them. These doors are used for the interior as well as the exterior. Apartments and condominium buildings use them as exterior doors. Most office buildings use solid core doors for their interior more than any other type of door.

What Are Hollow Core Woods?

Hollow core doors are made from wooden panels that are glued together over a hollow plastic core or honeycomb structure. As these doors use less wood they are inexpensive. Their cost-friendliness has made them a popular choice for office spaces and interior residential doors.

Hollow core doors are suitable for use as interior doors since their hollow structure cannot endure the harshness of the weather elements.

What Are Wood Clad Doors?

Composite exterior doors are also known as wood-clad doors. These are made from different materials with wood as one of their components. Many property owners prefer clad doors over solid wood doors as they are long-lasting and need less maintenance and repairs.

Manufacturers design these doors in two layers. The interior layer is made of wood while the exterior layer is made of some other material such as fiberglass to provide the obvious strength to the door. Moreover, these doors are made in bi-fold or slider style to fit the needs of any type of residential exterior doors. These double-layer characters make them fit for external use only.

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