Composite Doors Vs Solid Wood Doors: Which Is Best For Your Home?

February 10, 2023


The argument over composite doors vs. wooden doors continues among residents who are passionate about the benefits each offers. Most people chose wooden doors for their highly desired aesthetic and the impression it provides on their property. Composite doors, however, come in various shapes and finishes, allowing you to mimic the look of conventional wooden doors.

Through the lens of a top-rated door manufacturer, this blog post will discuss the differences between both, how they stack up against each other, and which one you’re likely to get a better deal with in the long run.

Solid Wood Doors: Overview

A solid wood door is the most classic choice you can make. As their name suggests, these are simply doors that have been cut from solid hardwood slabs. To some extent, the sort of wood used to make a door determines its characteristics.

That being said, the variation isn’t significant enough to influence the door’s practicality. Solid wood doors are generally incredibly sturdy, simple to maintain with annual repainting or staining and provide a traditional touch to the overall design of your house.

Composite Doors: Overview

Composite doors are a new addition to the market. They didn’t appear until polymers took off in the manufacturing business, whereas wood has been used since humans first began building actual houses.

A composite door is made out of a wood core surrounded by uPVC and other synthetic materials, resulting in a more durable surface and eliminating issues like warping that may occur with wood doors. Composite doors offer certain advantages, but they are far from ideal.


As we briefly said previously, the lifetime of wood and composite doors is very different. Finding a solution that will last as long as possible is crucial as it is better for you and your pocket and saves you time.

With the only exception of the time commitment for maintenance and care, we have the undisputed champions on this front: wood doors. Wood doors can easily last for the rest of your life and your children’s lives. However, you’ll need to invest the time and effort required to frequently reseal them and keep them in good overall condition.


A composite door can be purchased for far less money compared to wooden doors. However, when selecting a composite door, don’t just look at the price. Keep in mind that the door may need to be replaced in ten years.

You’ll have spent all of the money necessary to purchase a high-end wood door by the time that comes. You’ll have already spent enough on your doors if you need to replace them in the next 10 years.

If you lived in a house for 40 years and your composite doors started to deteriorate after 10 years, you would have easily spent $4000 on doors and had to deal with the trouble of installing new doors every 10 years.

Aesthetics And Appearance

Traditional wood doors are exquisite in every way, but composite door makers can flawlessly mimic that real wood look. As a result, you must reconsider the decision’s long-term implications. A real wood door can be easily sanded and painted if you want to give it a new look or a fresh coat of paint.

You can design it any way you want, and it will take no more than an hour. You cannot do it if the door is composite. They are much more challenging to paint, so it is preferable to leave them with their factory-installed paint.


Wood doors are crafted from solid teak, mahogany, and other hefty woods. To install a door, you must secure the hinges while holding it in place. This is virtually impossible to do with a door on your own.

Composite doors, on the other hand, are lightweight. If you’re strong enough and creative enough, you might be able to keep it aligned and secure it in place all by yourself.

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