What Makes Wood Better Than Fiberglass For Exterior Doors?

July 28, 2022

First impressions matter a lot. The exterior of your house is no different. It’s important to select a front door made of the appropriate material since not only does it need to look fantastic, but it also has to be strong enough to withstand the weather. An ideal exterior door material is one that can be customized to your desired size, shape, design, and finish.

You may be wondering which material is superior for exterior doors, fiberglass or wood? If you are finding it difficult to make a decision, it’s recommended to consult a professional door manufacturer for guidance.

There is a lot of information available concerning the differences between wood and fiberglass doors. In this blog post, we will aim to clarify things for you so you can make an informed decision.

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Wood Offers Unmatched Design Flexibility

Simply put, external wood doors provide versatility that fiberglass cannot match. Wood makes it simple to modify your door to almost any size, shape, or thickness that you want. You can specify the location of the stile and rail, and you can even experiment with trendy changes like an arch top, a clipped corner, or a Dutch door.

On the other hand, fiberglass doors are created from molds that are frequently used to produce thousands of identical copies.

Wood Exterior Doors Look Real and Authentic

It is nearly hard to replicate the elegant appearance and warmth of solid-wood exterior doors . While fiberglass door makers aim to replicate the look of natural wood, there is a clear distinction between the real thing and the imitation.

Even at the most fundamental level, fiberglass does not appear or feel like genuine wood. It is unable to provide distinctive grain patterns or the warm, earthy tones of real wood. The grain on fiberglass doors with a wood-grained appearance is repeated and punched out, not indicative of the distinctiveness of wood.

Wood Doors Provide Natural Insulation And A Precise Fit

One of the key selling points of fiberglass doors is their effective insulation, which is achieved by stuffing an insulating foam into the hollow fiberglass door’s chamber. However, wood has built-in insulating properties.

When it comes to external doors, how the door is fitted and hung within the frame has the most impact on how warm or cool your home is. Thanks to wood’s ability to be precisely designed to suit almost any size and form, you’ll have a door that fits tightly and helps prevent heat from entering or escaping through gaps.

High-Quality Exterior Wood Doors Can Stand The Test Of Time

All external building materials need to be maintained in some way. The same is true for wood and fiberglass doors. The amount of care required for exterior doors depends on how exposed the door is to the weather and the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Modern external wood doors can maintain their attractiveness in a variety of climates and weather patterns thanks to modern manufacturing processes. Almost any door may be utilized if it is covered by a porch or an overhang to protect it from the weather. In the absence of overhang protection, be careful to choose the appropriate product upgrades for the exposure.

Which Door Is Best For You?

As previously stated, installing a new front door on a home or business is a major decision. The last thing you want to do is choose a door that won’t suit your requirements or enhance the appearance of your house. When choosing the ideal material for your outside door, there are several factors to take into account.

In certain aspects, fiberglass doors work perfectly. But when it comes to providing unmatched natural beauty and design versatility you need to keep your house looking its best for years to come, high-quality wood exterior doors are unmatched.

Wood doors have been used on residential and commercial buildings for many years, and there is a good reason for this. They are easy to fix, appealing, strong, long-lasting, and wear-resistant.

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