Different Types Of Wooden Doors

February 14, 2020

Different Types Of Wooden Doors

Solid wood doors have been the top choice for homeowners for many centuries. The technological advancements in wooden doors have enabled us to transform new materials into doors and windows. However, it’s hard to build anything that matches the aesthetics and strength of wood. Someone planning to buy new doors might find a variety of options in terms of materials and attributes. However, solid wooden doors remain the most effective solution for households in Edmonton and across Canada.

Before you buy a new wooden door for your home or office, make sure you understand the different types of wooden doors available. A door might look like it is made entirely of solid wood. In most cases, doors are designed in a way that they give the impression of solid wood.

So far as residential construction is concerned, three types of wooden doors are used: solid core, hollow core, and solid wood. Each type of wooden door is designed to offer different benefits. What type you should select depends on your unique requirements. The following are major types of wooden doors:

Solid Wood Doors

Solid wooden doors are made either following the frame-and-panel design or a solid wood slab. Hardwood like oak or softwood like pine can be used to build solid wood doors. The exterior doors have to withstand harsh outdoor environments, so they’re usually made from durable solid wood. Security, durability, and length are important concerns when it comes down to selecting the right door.

Solid wood doors are made from natural wood; no artificial material is added. However, door accessories can be made from different materials. Hardwoods such as oak and maple are used to build sound-proof, energy-efficient doors. Solid wooden doors should be your choice if you want strength, excellent blockage and fire-resistant qualities.

Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors are a combination of engineered wood and fine-grade surface wood veneer. These types of doors can be used for both internal and external applications. When the wood veneer is glued over a solid core of engineered wood, the door gives the appearance of a solid wood door. These doors can be heavier and difficult to install as compared with the solid wood doors.

Hollow-Core doors

The hollow-core doors are made with a fiberboard applied over a core of plastic or honeycomb cardboard. Households looking for affordable options can choose these doors. However, hollow-core doors are not ideal in applications that require durability, strength, and long service life. These doors are lightweight and easy to install. It’s not fair to call them hollow-core doors because they have honeycombed cores within the frame. While hollow-core doors are inexpensive and lighter, they offer poor sound blockage.

If you want your doors to be strong, durable, and energy-efficient, choose solid wooden doors. At First Impression Wood Masters, we offer premium-grade solid wood doors for your interior and exterior applications. As one of the leading wooden doors manufacturers in Edmonton, we make sure to produce top quality products that offer extended service life while maintaining aesthetics. Browse through our website to select the right wooden door for your house!

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