How To Fix Common Front Door Problems

December 9, 2021

How To Fix Common Front Door Problems

Your front door is probably one of the most used aspects of your home. Everyone at your house opens and closes it throughout the day since it is the common entrance to your house.

Because of this frequent usage, your front door goes through a lot of wear and tear. So there are many common front door problems that many homeowners face.

You may think that an entrance door is just used to perform the simple task of opening and closing so how can it get so damaged.

But what you really miss is that there are many components of a door and they all need to be in good working condition in order for the entire front door to function properly.

So if just a single part of the front door is not working properly then it will impact the whole front door.

Hence in order to keep the front door in good working condition, you need to keep all the parts of the entrance door in good condition.

Everyone knows how to choose the right front door but most people don’t know how to fix common front door problems.

In this blog post, we will talk about some of the common front door problems one may face and help you learn how to fix them.

Door Hinge Problem

The front door hinges are one of the most common places from where most door problems start.

Common symptoms that can help you identify that your entrance doors’ hinges are broken or damaged are a rattling or squeaking noise. When your door makes such a noise while opening or closing it means that there is a problem with its hinges.

So if your front door is rattling or is not working smoothly, then a quick solution is to lubricate the hinges with oil.

By applying a lubricant onto the hinges of your front door you will get rid of that rattling and squeaking instantly.

However, there can be other problems with the hinges which you should check before replacing the front door.

Sometimes when you close the door it may make a rattling sound which is enough to annoy anyone. A common cause of this problem can be loose hinges.

If the hinges of your entrance door are not completely tight that can allow your door to move around in place. An easy way to fix this problem is by tightening the hinges.

Another common problem that may be with your front doors’ hinges is when your door gets uneven and won’t close properly.

This problem occurs when the hinges of your front door have moved over time. To fix this problem you will need to realign the hinges and screw them back in tightly.

But if even after lubricating, tightening, and realigning the hinges of your front door it does not operate smoothly then it may be time to replace your front door.

The Door Won’t Stay Latched

If your front door won’t stay latched then it is a big problem because it is one of the main purposes of a front door.

The front door is there to provide your home with security and privacy but if it doesn’t stay closed then this is something you need to fix quickly.

If your door does not stay latched it could be because the latches are misaligned and your front door is not settling on the strike plate.

A quick way to fix this problem is that you will need to unscrew the strike plate of your entrance door and find the place where the door exactly meets the jamb, then screw the strike plate into that spot tightly.

But if the problem still persists and the door does not stay closed, then it is time to replace your front door’s hardware.

You will need to hire a professional exterior door company to help you with the process of replacing your entrance door’s hardware.

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