Which Factors Affect The Cost Of A New Front Door

October 14, 2021

Which Factors Affect The Cost Of A New Front Door

If you are considering changing your front door for the first time, we are sure you have many questions regarding the style, material, design, and most importantly, the cost of the new door.

Various factors play a vital role in determining the cost of your front doors installation. But before you can consider that, you must know which type of front door you need and its required specifications. You can save some money if you consider your requirements carefully before installing an exterior door.

Getting estimates from local professional door contractors is one of the best ways to determine how much you will have to pay for a new door. First Impression Wood Masters can also help you in suggesting different exterior door designs suitable for your requirements. Changing your front door will increase the curbside value of your house.

This blog post aims to help you in identifying the factors responsible for affecting the cost of changing your front door.

The Material You Choose

This is one of the most basic factors that directly impact the cost of anything. Exterior doors also come in various types of materials, and depending on you and your home’s requirements you may be limited as to which one you can choose. There are wooden doors as well as other materials, including glass, steel and fiberglass. Each material has its own advantages in terms of energy efficiency, appearance, security, and more. A steel front door is less expensive than a fiberglass or wood front door. It is about 10%-20% less expensive than other kinds of doors. Moreover, there are different levels of quality within each material category. So, you can choose which type of material you want for your front door.

The Design Of The Door

Some doors have intricate designs and details. For example, many wooden doors have engraved designs that are more expensive than others. Such detailed designs are more costly than others and add to your home’s beauty and appearance.

Different Hardware Options

There are many options available for doors that can affect your cost in terms of their hardware options. Door hardware options include locks, doorknobs, and hinges. These can run the gamut from simple to extravagant. Such types of hardware options, as well as the finish, will have an impact on the final price. Moreover, there are different types of locks including deadbolt locks, mortise locks, rim locks, and night latch styles. So, if you want to add in more hardware options, you will have to pay accordingly.

The Construction Process

Different engineering methods are carried out in a doors construction process. There is a range of options, such as insulating foam, hardwood, and glass-reinforced plastic. Similarly, you can choose from a solid or composite wooden door. Therefore, the process of the doors construction will also affect the final cost of the exterior door.

Installation Time

How much time it will take to install the exterior door will also determine the overall cost of the exterior door. If the door is wide, it will take more construction and installation time. So, the price of such a door will be higher. Labor rates per hour may be the same for pre-hung wooden doors or ones with a frame, but a professional door installation will cost you more. Moreover, if you want to install sidelights or slim windows that go along each side of your exterior wooden door, the final price will go up by several hundred dollars.

Customization Options

You will find several readily made door options on the market. However, if you want to customize it, you can ask your manufacturer to design a door for you according to your requirements. For instance, you may want to install customized hardware or stained glass panels. Customized doors will cost you more than readily made ones. Customized doors are a worthy investment since you don’t change your front door every year. So, it is better to have a customized door that can achieve the perfect look you want for your home.

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